Print Resources: Tech Trends and Training

Recently I’ve been reviewing available periodicals for multimedia technology training.  Of course there are a great many web resources on the topic, and they have advantages over print (more timely information, breaking news, interactivity). However some of the big names in the industry are still proving successful, and provide free online content as well as paid subscriptions to a print, PDF and/or mobile app counterpart.  Here is a brief list of titles I’ve found (and rediscovered).  Please post your own favorites in the comments.

  • MacWorld: Mac OS tips and tricks, detailed hardware and software reviews, tutorials
  • iCreate: A UK publication with training, tips and podcasts for all things Mac
  • MacFormat: Another UK publication with reviews and tutorials
  • Photoshop User: Tips and tricks for beginning and experienced Photoshop users
  • InDesign User: Advice and tutorials for beginning and experienced InDesigners
  • Wired: Trends in tech, new media, tutorials and reviews
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