C4LPT’s Top Tools & Glogster

A coworker recently sent this link to a group of us that teach regularly, the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies’ Emerging Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011. The rankings show the relative importance of online tools from people who use them for educational purposes.

In reviewing the top 10 items on the list, I was surprised to see one item I had never heard of: Glogster. This is billed as an online collaborative tool for creating posters, but is in practice a cross between a collage tool and WYSIWYG stand-alone web page editor. The concept is interesting but after browsing several pages of top-rated ‘Glogs’ I found few that reflected professional- or academic- quality presentations.  Most of the examples that I found appeared to be self-expression exercises; some of these had common themes and may have been used in a creative writing context for high school students.  Many used existing writing such as song lyrics or poetry incorporated with the author’s images and graphics to create a visual representation of the piece. I am eager to see examples from anyone who is using this tool for course assignments in a college setting.

Update 3/15/2011

After posting to Twitter about the Glogster service I was directed to their educational site.  This page does have many more examples of how the tool is being used in formal assignments, even at the college level. I’m still very interested to hear from anyone in higher education who is using this for course assignments. What are the benefits of using this tool vs. a web page, wiki, or traditional poster?


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