Marketing tips from ‘The Traffic Blogger’

In the course of reviewing notes for an upcoming post, I came across a great new resource for those (like myself) who are trying to increase internet traffic to their new online venture.  The Traffic Blogger is a recent project from the highly successful Chris Antoni, who may be best known around the internet for his World of Warcraft community blog.  At the Traffic Blogger, Chris follows many of his own tips for driving interested viewers to a site, engaging them, and offering products that they will be happy to purchase.

Not all of the advice will be relevant to everyone, for example I’m personally more interested in establishing community and conversation than making money from blogging.  Still, many of the tips are applicable to both personal and commercial efforts.  In fact, Chris’ advice had an immediate effect on me, as I installed a mobile-friendly template for my site to make it, if not more enticing, at least more accessible to readers.

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