A New Venture

As of January 2016, I’m starting a new business and will be leaving my job as an academic librarian. This profession has taught me a great deal, given me skills that I would not have been able to develop on my own, and most importantly, introduced me to some amazing people – people that I hope to be able to name as friends and colleagues for years to come.

My new business is closely related to what has been, up to now, my “after hours” life – running a small sheep farm and wool business as a hobby. My partner and I have started the first organic tannery for sheep and goat skins in the USA, and are proud to be able to offer a non-toxic option for both retail customers and producers who have their own farms. You can read more about it at Vermont Natural Sheepskins.

Of course, my interest in and curiosity about information and the ways that we find, gather, store, and use it will not go away. As they say, you can take the librarian out of the library, but not the other way around. I plan to keep an eye on the profession and keep in touch with colleagues. The recent developments and crisis in higher education will be an interesting catalyst for change in the academic library in particular, and in the role of libraries in society in general.

Thank you to all who have supported, collaborated, engaged and worked with me, especially Jessamyn West, who inspired me to investigate librarianship as a career in the first place.